Expert Advice for Corporate Succession

Time for a new generation? We’ll stand by you.

Every year in Germany, tens of thousands of companies are faced with one of the most important questions in their history: Who should take the company over from me? A change at the top or in the ownership structure should be prepared early, carefully structured and systematically implemented. In the process, not only should economic aspects be considered for the succession to work. Handing over your life’s work to others is also a very emotional decision and should be supported by a capable expert advisor for corporate succession with an objective perspective. In the course of this, we not only introduce tax considerations, but also managerial arguments. That increases the chances of a smooth transition for everyone involved. To help you make your decisions, we offer the following:

  • Analysis and valuation of existing assets
  • Personal discussions with all parties involved
  • Determination of the company’s value
  • Assessment of your pension scheme
  • Considerations to compensate for vanishing legacies
  • Development of transitional and financial models
  • Tax optimisation

Early planning and direction setting is an advantage for all sides - we’ll be by your side with help and advice.