More Than Filling In a Form

When you become a client of our tax consultant office, we accept a particular position of trust and bear a high degree of responsibility. In complex circumstances, we will be happy to also evaluate the opinion of your long-standing consultant and thus give you additional security - quite sincerely and without wishing to replace the consultant you trust in. Based on your defined goals, we will advise you about legally certain and optimal tax planning. This complex task - several similar types of tax often have to be considered - normally concludes a project after the commercial and contractual framework is clear.

Our services:

  • Strategic consultation about all types of taxes
  • Consultation and assessment in individual issues
  • Selection of legal form
  • Conversion
  • Corporate succession
  • Tax returns
  • Opposition and complaint proceedings

A key focus of our sales tax expertise is consultation about legally certain handling and documentation of intra-Community supplies and exports.