Expert Advice for Restructuring and Corporate Planning

If a company is in an economic crisis, a precise analysis of the crisis causes and rapid handling of it are in demand. We advise and accompany you from diagnosis of the causes and determination of the most reasonable solution to consistent implementation within the scope of professional restructuring. At the same time, we carefully coordinate the managerial analysis, integrated corporate planning and legal evaluations. Clients from the automotive industry in particular can take advantage of our decades of intensive industry knowledge here.

We undertake:

  • An audit of whether there are grounds for bankruptcy
  • Consultation and development of restructuring concepts including coordination with affected parties, especially banks
  • Support in all phases of restructuring
  • Preparation of restructuring report in accordance with the auditor’s professional standards
  • Advisory statements about continuation prognosis
  • Regular analysis of plan achievement in form of target/actual comparison
  • Continuous reporting and moderation of capital providers and owners during and after restructuring

We often support liquidators in continuing companies and have a broad wealth of experience here.